My name is Stephan,
a.k.a St. Anchor
I'm responsible for graphic design and assitance

St. Anchor bumped into the stormy Cherrymuffin Studios sea in 2010. With his degree in graphic design, he was far too over-qualified for the internship job … But, as you would expect from a real anchor, it stays where it was and is a important part of the team now. A not insignificant reason for this is perhaps the really perfect cooperation between Sally and him – some people even say, that they both share a brain …
Stephan – the man behind the anchor – is a gifted graphic designer and illustrator.
He has been able to fullfill every customer requirement so far. Which is why he quickly became known across the borders of Germany, and has already delighted a large number of clients with his logo designs, graphics, illustrations and photo retouching in Canada, America, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, and many more countries.
Stephan knows how to put his works in a nutshell with a special eye for details and ingenious color combinations.
Above all, his art is inspired by logo design and poster graphics of the Art Deco epoch, which he skilfully transfers to the modern age.
Whether you need “girly designs” with hearts and ruffles, clear, colorful and rousing flyers for dance events or pithy illustrations for motorcycle enthusiasts – St. Anchor is your man.
But Stephan can not only skillfully use the computer mouse with his index finger, but also wonderfully press down the trigger of an SLR-camera.
Over the years, he has assisted Sally in many shootings and has gained much experience in the field of photography. Meanwhile, Stephan has taken over many shooting customers and forms the photographic unit in the Vintagizers team together with Sally.
By now it became crystal clear that St. Anchor is a jack-of-all-trades, and to manifest this impression, we want to point out his recent interest in the world of moving pictures. Small video reports from various events, lovingly filmed and cut together, prove his inexhaustible creativity.


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Illustrations inspired by the Art Deco era and of the 1940s and 1950s

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