This is my first T-Shirt Design ever.

I drew it, I illustrated it, and I’ll silk-print it soon! And you can have yours, too!

It shows a LIONESS. not a tiger not a puma not a panther. It is a female lion cause we kick ass.

The arrows in the back were inspired by the shields the old romans used to have – symbols for the god of war – MARS.

May this shirt give you all the strength needed to lift all the weights there are.

the print was done with a „vintage look“, it’s all handmade, so variations might be possible . every shirt is unique, just like you!

This makes sense from the beginning to the end. strictly HANDMADE AND FAIRTRADE!

Pluseco-friendly shipping (Germany 3,20 € + optional tracking 2,50 € / international 5,40 €)

EDIT: This shirt is sold out!