I had one of those shootings today where you just don’t wanna stop!
I met with my friend Steffi and her fiancé Marcello. Both are super skilled artists which always makes me nervous because you just want to create the perfect pictures for someone who also has a very good knowledge about art, don’t you? presssssuuuurrreeee!!!

Stefanie Hübscher is a brilliant tattoo artist and porcelain painter, you should check out her art here on instagram.
Her fiancé Marcelo Mattos da Rosa is a very skilled barber from brasil, gaze at his sharp skills here.

Besides this – both are super nice humans and I had the best time shooting with them. We picked up Steffis G20 Chevy Van and drove to the countryside nearby.

I had the golden hour and some backlighting in mind for the pictures.

We had to leave in a rush because the landlord showed up and probably wouldn’t be that amused to find us there…. woops…
But it only brought us to another super cute location with perfect lighting. and about 1000 mosquitos.

I was shooting with my ol’ Canon D4 MarkII and 85mm, 50mm and 28-70mm zoom lenses. Sometimes I used a reflector to nicely smooth out the shadows in their faces and to bring in some more warm color.